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HSLC 2023 Answer Sheet Update: How to Write Answers in Metric Exam 2023

HSLC 2023 Answer Sheet Update: HSLC Exam 2023 is near. Its just one month left for the exam and the candidates are getting pumped up for their first-ever board exam. So, have you already prepared for all the subjects? But wait, preparing for the upcoming Metric Exam is not enough because this year HSLC 2023 Exam patterns are going to be different. Students have to answer differently from the last year. Today in this blog, we will enlighten you about the changes in New Answer Sheet 2023. Check how to write answers in Metric Exam 2023.

Well, we hope you have prepared for everything already but if you do not know about the new update on the Assam HSLC Answe sheet then you should know before it’s too late. Teachers will explain about these in the coming days or before the exam starts but knowing about the new answer sheet before will help you understand and gain confidence, right?  We also have this guide for the new Assam HSLC Exam Routine, Syllabus, and Model Questions. Check if you need it.

New Answer Sheet for HSLC 2023

As for the new Answe Sheet for Assam HSLC 2023, there are a few changes in it. First of all, we should let you know that there are 4 major subjects in this Assam HSLC Exam 2023. The main subjects for the Metric Exam 2023 are, English, General Mathematics, General Science, and Social Science.

Candidates will get to answer these 4 subjects in a different manner this year in their metric exam. Which we are going to explain below.

New Answer Sheet for HSLC 2023

Under the conditions of HSLC 2023 Answer Sheet Update and According to our source, there will be two answer sheets for every exam. One answer sheet is for the Objective type questions of 45 marks which are 50% of the total questions. And the other Answer sheet is for writing or solving short and broad answers to the questions. After writing the answers, they bind both copies together. While binding the copies, the objective-type answer sheet will come first, and then the second answer sheet.

How to Write Answer Sheets in HSLC Metric Exam 2023

In this below section, learn from the beginning how to write answer papers in HSLC Metric Exam 2023

How to Write Answer Sheets in HSLC Metric Exam 2023

Well, How to write on Answer Sheets in HSLC Metric Exam 2023, all are pretty much the same but according to the changes, here is how you can write in your HSLC 2023 without any mistake.

First of all, candidates should know that the exam will start at 8.45. There will be two types of answer sheets in the exam. One is for Objective Type questions of 45 marks and the other is for the short and broad questions of 45 marks.

As we all know that the total mark of the exam is 90 marks and the 10 mark is for practicals. So, 50% of questions are going to be objective type. meaning, students will get to answer these 1-mark questions from the options given in the question itself.

This objective-type Answer Sheet and Question papers will be provided at the beginning of the exam which is 8.45.

After 1 hour of time, students will be provided with the main Answer sheet for answering the broad questions. There is no time set for answering any of the papers. Students can answer the objective type answers even after the first year.

As we all know that there are 4 main subjects in this Metric Exam 2023, here are the difference in the answer sheets were made-

English, General Science, and Social Science-

metric exam answer sheet for English, science, and social science

As it is shown in the photo, students will be getting this answer sheet of 8 pages with the 10 questions on each page at first and their questions. First of all, students have to write their names and details on the cover page/first page of the answer sheet. Then they have to write the objective-type answers in the answer sheets.

After that, at 9.45 AM, students will be provided with the other answer sheet with 19 pages. These pages will single lines are for the English General Science and Social Science. There are no special guidelines for these answer sheets. Students have to write their information details from their Admit and then write the broad question answer in the answer sheets.

For General Mathematics 

metric exam answer sheet for maths

For the General Match paper, objective-type answer sheets are going to be the same but the broad question answer sheet is a little bit different. The answer sheet with 16 pages will have no lines in it. Students can solve their problems as they see fit.


How to write answers in the upcoming Metric Exam 2023?

According to the new HSLC 2023 Answer sheet Update, At the beginning of the exam, you have to write your roll number, registration number, and paper code on the cover page of your answer sheet. After that, you have to answer the 50 objective-type questions of 1 mark each. Your answer sheet has 10 questions on each page. In the first hour, you have to answer all these Objective type questions and then you will be provided the other 50% questions for 45 marks.

What is new in the Assam Metric Exam 2023?

Everything is the same except for one thing which is objective-type questions. SEBA board has announced a change in the HSLC 2023 exam. Students will get to answer 50% of the questions as Objective type questions and then they will get the other 50% of the questions as normal question answers.

What is an Objective Type question?

An Objective type of question refers to the type of question that has only one specific answer and you can not add anything or your opinion to the answer. An Objective question can be of many types such as fill in the blanks, Odd man out, choose the right answer, true-false, etc. Check this guide for Objective Type Questions.

Can write left-out Objective questions later in the exam?

Yes, you can write the left-out objective-type questions even after the first hour of the HSLC exam.

How to Submit a new Answer Sheet in the 2023 Metric Exam?

First of all, you will get two answer sheets. The first one is for the objective types at the beginning of the exam and then the other one is for normal question answers after the 1 hour of the exam. You have to write your roll and registration details on both of the answer sheets.

After you have completed writing answers, you have to bind both the answer sheets with the rope you will be provided in the exam. Take the first objective-type answer sheet and then the other one after. Draw the rope through the hole in the paper’s upper corner and bind them properly. And just like that, you are done and submit your answer sheet to a teacher.

Where can i get the Model Questions and sample paper for the Upcoming Assam Metric Exam 2023?

Visit this Link to get the latest Model Questions, Sample Papers, and Assam Metric Exam Guide 2023.

What color pen I should use to write in the Assam Metric Exam 2023?

A Black Pen should be used to write on your Assam Metric Exam Answer Sheets 2023.

Where can get the full information about the 2023 Metric Exam Time table and routine?

We have a different blog post of r Assam Metric Exam Routine and Time Table. Check.

Final Words: So, here are all the details for the New Answer sheet for HSLC 2023. Check new HSLC 2023 updates on Answer Sheets and how to write answers in this metric exam. We hope you will like this post. Please share with friends and bookmark GetJobAssam for more updates.


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